Where can Katy Trail users park overnight in Sedalia?

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There are two Katy Trail parking lots at each of the two trailheads in Sedalia, mile markers 227 and 229.  Overnight parking is offered to Katy Trail riders on the East side of the Katy Depot building off of Fifth Street. You are welcome to leave your license plate number and phone number at the Katy Depot.  It is always a good idea to lock your vehicle and do not leave valuables in your unattended car.

How far is the Amtrak station from the Katy Trail in Sedalia?

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The Amtrak station is approximately 6 blocks from the Katy Trail (mile marker 227).   The street route you can take to the Katy Trail and Katy Depot is: turn left (east) on Main Street, turn right (south) on Washington Street, turn right (east) on Third Street.  Watch closely for cars these can be fairly busy streets.  (If you are heading north on the trail see question below for further instructions.)

How do I head North on the Katy Trail from the Sedalia Katy Depot? Is there a street route?

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Yes, there is a street route of about 18 blocks.  From the Katy Depot head (mile marker 227) directly east to fourth street, follow Fourth Street (approximately 5 blocks) to Engineer Street, turn left (north) on Engineer Street, follow Engineer Street (approximately 4 blocks) to Boonville Street, turn right (east) on Boonville Street, stay on Boonville street (approximately 9 blocks) past Heard Ave and you will turn left (north) onto the Katy Trail again.

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