Places to Eat in Sedalia MO

Many Delicious Options Await You

If you haven’t heard, Sedalia is famous for being the home of the Gooberburger.  A Gooberburger is essentially a peanut butter topped hamburger.  And while it may sound strange, many who have tried this unique combination will attest that, while a bit unusual, the Gooberburger is pretty tasty.  You can try the Gooberburger for yourself at two locations in Sedalia, Kehde’s and Goody’s Steak Burgers.

If the Gooberburger isn’t up your alley; you might want to enjoy a unique dining experience in Sedalia at Kehdes’s Barbeque inside a real former train dining car!

Sedalia also offers many choices for barbeque food from mouth-watering ribs to thick juicy steaks, authentic Mexican food from to quesadillas to chimichangas, and Chinese food from crab rangoon to egg drop soup.  Whether you are looking for fast food, a buffet with a host of options, or a home-style restaurant experience for yourself or an entire team, Sedalia has many options to suit your dining needs.