Whiteman Air Force Base

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force. Periodical Air Shows and public tours off a unique opportunity to see the home of the B-2 Stealth Bomber.  Past airshows have featured the U.S. Army Golden Knights, A-10 Warthog Combat Search and Rescue, Air Combat Command F-16 Demonstration Team, Shetterly Squadron, Kent Pietsch, Randy Ball MiG-17F, Trojan Horsemen T-28, KC Flight Formation Team, Julie Clark T-34 Mentor, The Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team, Tora 101, Commemorative Air Force P-51D, Commemorative Air Force B-17 “Texas Raiders”, Commemorative Air Force B-25 “Devil Dog”, Commemorative Air Force A-26 “Lady Liberty”, the P-40E Warhawk, and the popular B-2 Stealth Bomber!

The next Wings Over Whiteman event will be held in 2024!

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Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri 65305

Phone: (660) 687-6121