Sedalia Weekly

A Sedalia Convention & Visitor’s Bureau Blog

By L.C. Melton

Now all this weekly Sedalia place name business was instigated by an eBay sale I made awhile back. This is a photo of my purchase and If you will observe carefully I think you will see why I was so intrigued.

In case you are having a hard time making out the inscriptions here’s what they read: Sedalia Sedalia Plantation 51 and The bearer is authorized To be in Natchez At any hour With Buggy and Horse 1830 This is a slave tag from a Louisiana Plantation and since I have nearly used up my allotted space for the week, I’ll continue this gruesome story. Before I end however, I want to be sure you noted the date on this tag and remember that George R. Smith founded his Sedalia in 1860 and supposedly name it after his daughter Sarah who was nicknamed Sadie or Sed. Oh yes and remember Kentucky’s name was derived from the young suitor’s response that he was going to “See Dalia”. We do indeed have a lot to figure out before next week and I have even more tags to throw into the quandary.