Another Sedalia in Colorado

A Sedalia Convention & Visitor’s Bureau Blog

By L.C. Melton

First, however, I realize I didn’t adequately locate Sedalia, Colorado which is about 25 miles South of Denver, 30 minutes away by I-25 in Douglas County.

While I was roaming around the Centennial State, I popped over to Salida (that’s the right spelling) in Chaffee County about 100 miles west of Colorado Springs through Canon City and checked out the famous Sedalia Copper Mine there. I discovered cyber-surfing for historic material on this famous operation produced a mother load of data on ore tonages but little on actual history. After all I realized that this hole in the mountain opened in 1881 had been the largest copper producer in Colorado for years (and that excludes the zinc, gold and silver added to the claim).

So after browsing endless sites my trusty produced a single article informing me that Mr. O.C.… And so, simple as that, we find this Sedalia directly connected to the Missouri entity and there is little more to say. However, it might be worth mentioning that shares in the mine traded frequently on the streets of Sedalia, Missouri until Colorado interests finally gathered in a majority holding by 1900.

Today the mine continues to produce copper ore but it is best known for it’s Salida almandine garnets.